Gold Level Test Free Skater

Senior Silver Test Level Dancer

Third Level Test Figures

Silver Medalist state of New York 1984

Winner of several community competitions in  Ottawa district, Canada 1980-84

Coach of the University of Toronto team from 1987-89 bringing the team from twelfth out of twelve Universities across the province of Ontario to First place overall by the end of his coaching years with the team!

Eric has performed for Karen Flannigan's Stars on Ice and Rosstyn Ice Shows as headline singer and skating soloist, skating as a professional figure skater for over 16 years.

Eric has most recently appeared as a headline singer/skater in Rosstyn Ice Productions' Christmas Spectacular on Ice.

His favourite character
protrayals have included:

The Beast in Beauty and the Beast both

on ice and on the main stage, Dr. Craven in The Secret Garden, The Pinball Wizard excerpts from the musical Tommy and

The Phantom  in concert.

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