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Fanfare for the American Hero: Hero's of 911

USA Touring Production 2011

Alkahest Artists USA

Featured Lead Singer / Director / Writer / Assistant Arranger

Stage Door to Dreams / White Nights / Headliner Artist

Azamara Club Cruises, 2010-currently

Featured Entertainer / Director

"From Vegas to Broadway"

2010 Featured Guest Artist

Winchester Hospital Benefit 2010

Mardi Gras 2006

Featured Solo Artist for Robert Noland Productions

ALS Benefit 2003
Featured Solo Artist for Kansas City USA Annual Fundraiser

Rosebrook Society Benefit
Rosebrook Society Celebrity Benefit

Guest Celebrity Headliner for 2002 Society Benefit

“From Vegas to Broadway” / “Broadway

Showstoppers” / Rock the boat”
Seabourn Cruise Lines 2001 - 2010
Featured Entertainer / Director

Christmas Spectacular on Ice
Headline Singer/Skater
Rosstyn Ice Shows Production

2000 On Ice
Headline Singer / Skater / MC
Rosstyn Ice Shows Production

Sweet Dreams / Flashback
Vocal Director
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Hooray for Hollywood 
Broadway's Best 
Rock and Roll Revisited 

Headline Singer 
Kevin Black Prod. 

Rock on Broadway 
Rhythm Nation 
Make Mine Broadway
Headline Singer / Featured Artist 
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines 

Stars on Ice 
Headline Singer / Featured Skater 
Karen Flannigan Productions 

Vive Miami 
Headline Singer 
Théâtre Des Variétés - Montréal 

Broadway Bound 
Headline Singer 
Silverseas Cruise Line 97-98 

Christmas Mistletoe 
Featured Singer/Music
Silverseas Cruise Line '97 

Jazz Night Hot 
Featured Singer / Director
Silverseas Cruise Line '97 

Cole Porter / Dancin' Fools 
Featured Singer Morag

Vegas Voila Tour 
Headline Singer 
Greg Purcott Productions 

On the Town / Let’s Go To The Movies / Mystère
Featured Guest Entertainer Princess Cruise Lines 

Closer Than Ever
Man Two (2) 
Bluewater Summer Playhouse 

Secret Garden 
Dr. Craven 
Theatre Orangeville / Jim Betts 

Miss Molloy / Pianist / Bassoonist 
Lovers & Madmen Productions 

A Night at the Pavilion 
Director / Writer / Singer 
Bluewater Summer Playhouse 

Blue Champagne 
Lead Male 
Bluewater Summer Playhouse

Cabaret Artist / Featured Artist 
Q.E. II / World Cruise '94 / Cunard Cruise Lines

Broadway Bound Featured Artist World Cruise Vistafjord '93 / CUNARD Cruise Lines

Holiday Magic
The Tony's 
Featured Singer 
Jean Ann Ryan Productions 

Radio Waves / London Daily News 
Featured Singer Jean Ann
Ryan Productions 

Ten Feet Off the Ground 
Featured Singer 
Off-Broadway Productions 

Clowns Play 
Jack Clown 
Giant Lighthouse Children's Productions 

Beauty & The Beast 
Beast / Prince 
Musical Inc. 

Into the Woods 
Rapunzel's Prince 
Broadway North 

Treasure Island 
Pew / Flint / Ben Gunn 
Limelight Dinner Theatre 

Duncan & De Gray 
Lead Singer / Director 
King Edward Production 

What's a Stage? 
Singer / Composer 
Upper Canada Playhouse 

Theatre On Ice 
Soloist / Figure Skater 
Cricket Productions