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By Tom Stieghorst

June 03, 2015

Top-shelf crew members

inspire loyalty from cruise passengers and travel

agents alike and can

greatly influence cruise

line selection...

By Tom Stieghorst

March 17, 2016
The showstopper, however,

was an evening with entertainer

Eric de Gray, whose voice and

showmanship packed the Cabaret Lounge the night he took center stage...

By Robin Robinson,

TORONTO SUN Nov. 09, 2016
The singer-actor-dancer-composer stands out in any crowd, but especially so aboard a small-by-today’s-standards, 694-passenger cruise ship such as Azamara Journey...

Now available on e-stores.

To Where You Are

New album


His Voice Fills the Car!!!

We've seen Eric perform on the Azamara Journey.

I grew up with Broadway shows and so enjoyed the shows he produced on the Journey. His voice filled the spaces there and it fills my car and transports my mood here . It is a true show voice with incredible breadth, range and depth.

I loved the pieces with less background and still liked the others, just personal preference in music style. I will go on a cruise on the Azamara Journey just to hear him again.